Plant Manager

Location: Villa Park, IL
The Company:
  • A 4th generation family owned & operated linen & uniform rental company, committed to providing the highest quality products & value-added services.
  • Since 1930 we’ve been providing quality service, satisfying demanding needs for generations.
  • We partner with like-minded owners & managers.
  • We understand the operational demands of running your businesses.
  • We adjust our service to supply your needs.

The Role:
  • The Production Manager is accountable to the General Manager.
  • The following positions are responsible to the Production Manager: Flatwork Supervisor, Wash and Soil Supervisor, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Garment Department Supervisor and second shift Manager or Supervisor, if applicable.

  • To ensure the facility is operated safely, efficiently and within the operating budgets with the lowest possible cost structure and the highest product quality.
  • To ensure the production payroll is in accordance with the business plan. The production wages as a percent of sales should be 12.5% or less with a goal of less than 11% of sales.
  • To ensure the total plant operating costs are less than 35% of sales with a goal of less than 32% of sales.
  • All jobs and tasks are measurable and all team members meet or exceed the standards for that job and task.
  • The quality level of all products produced will meet or exceed those established for the location.
  • The housekeeping and organization are of critical importance. At all times this is considered critical to the plant's success.
  • All route deliveries will be 100% complete by at least 10:00 a.m. and ideally prior to 8:00 a.m. the day before the scheduled delivery day.
  • All merchandise will be bundled, packed and stacked in accordance with the standards of the location.
  • The location must be staffed according to the Business Plan.
  • Ensure all Managers and other personnel within the location are fully capable of performing the job functions.
  • A plan is in place to train and develop a successor.
  • Ensure we have qualified applicants to fill future hiring requirements.
  • Ensure we have at least one individual who can be trained, developed and promoted.
  • Create a safe working environment for all personnel that is free of accidents or injury.
  • All Production team members clearly understand, adhere to and can communicate the Company’s philosophies, policies, procedures, and standards of performance.
  • Provide at least 12 hours of continuous training annually for all department members. Ensure each Supervisor is cross-trained and fully capable of performing at least one other supervisory job within the plant
  • Formal Production Meetings are held weekly.
  • To maintain and protect all Company assets.
  • Production downtime will be minimized by promptly reporting any irregularities to the Chief Engineer.
  • The security and safety of the building and its personnel will be assured by maintaining weekly walk-through inspections.

  • Associate's Degree/2+ years working on Bachelors (Preferred)
  • 3+ years of supervisory experience (Required)
  • 1+ years of industry experience (Preferred)
  • 1+ years of Plant Manager experience (Preferred)
  • This position requires an individual with a proven track record in cost reduction, scheduling, staffing, training and development of personnel.
  • Aware of OSHA regulations
  • Must be able to lift 75 lbs. approximately 20 times per day.
April A. Estes
Senior Recruiter
720-439-2609 Direct
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