Third Party Fertility Coordinator

Location: Los Angeles, CA
The ideal candidate must have experience coordinating surrogate cycles and understand protocols and medications pertaining to cycling.
A brief job description of the job including, but not limited to:

  • Initial consultation with couple
  • Discuss initial required screening
  • Refer to appropriate agency if couple needs match with donor or surrogate
  • Discuss non-medical requirements i.e., psychological and legal
  • Refer to 3rd Party Financial Counselor for financial consult
  • Gives appropriate handouts
  • Discuss arrangements for shipment of gametes if required.
  • Refers out of town couples to local resources
  • Interaction with ART team
  • Gets list of all third party cycles on a weekly basis
  • Relates any patient concerns to ART team
  • Meets on a regular basis with administrative and clinical staff
  • Follow-up on birth events and conveys information to chart and team.

  • Makes sure all medical screening is obtained and reviewed by medical team for abnormal parameters
  • Secures cover letters from outside agency
  • Secures all signed consents to charts
  • Checks start dates and appointments for all participants
  • Confirms with 3rd Party Financial Counselor that cycle deposits are collected prior to medication start
  • Enters initial demographics into SART
  • Confirms where recipients can be reached at all phases of cycle

  • Confirms that all appointments are kept
  • Gives progress reports to out-of-town recipients
  • Makes sure all out-of-town appointments are kept and lab results to medical team
  • Notifies all parties and agencies of OPU & ET
  • Confirms that sperm will be obtained on the appropriate day
  • Enters cycle info into SART and sends to SART on day of COH start
  • Lists of cycles to appropriate agency

  • Follow-up with donor for checkup
  • Follow-up with surrogate and recipient after lab results
  • Pregnancy results to referring agency
  • Pregnancy results and follow up to SART

  • Previous experience in third party assisted reproductive treatment; ability to educate and communicate with patients undergoing third party treatment
  • Great communication skills
  • Understands IVF Cycling
  • Understand 3rd Party protocol and medication including the effects of dosage
  • Experience working as 3rd party coordination

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills; ability to interface with ART team, Primary Physician, and Supervisor

  • 3rd Party Coordination: 1 year
April A. Estes
Senior Recruiter
720-439-2609 Direct
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