Expert Software Engineer - Disaster Recovery Team

Location: Lowell, AR, United States
Position Overview: 
The Lead Expert Software Engineer documents programs, develops and implements new features, and supports critical web applications' layer architecture and various back end systems supporting the platform and other digital initiatives. The Lead Expert Software Engineer applies advanced programming techniques and concepts during the solution design and development. The Lead Expert Software Engineer is also responsible for setting and ensuring the team's compliance with the company's architectural standards. Develop and maintain Business Impact Analyses and Business Continuity Plans.
The Lead Expert Software Engineer IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is responsible for applying the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that will be implemented for supporting the Business Continuity plans for the company. The Lead Expert Software Engineer is also expected to collaborate with and mentor Architects across disciplines to ensure that technology architecture is aligned and compatible with the company's systems and applications.
Typical disasters that business continuity covers are but not limited to natural disasters including fires, floods, accidents caused by key people, server crashes or virus infections, insolvency of key suppliers, negative media campaigns and market upheavals.

Job Description:
  • Contributes to bringing new technology to the organization
  • Provides technical leadership across application teams (e.g. conducts training, develops learning sessions, contributes to the Architecture Review Board)
  • Facilitate the completion of business unit BIAs, (Business Impact Analysis) verifying data and validating information.
  • Contributes to application or platform architecture standards through standards committees
  • Designs web designs that are asynchronous, responsive, and provide a rich user experience
  • Leads team members in execution and release of builds using continuous integration and deployment using our current CI/CD applications and processes
  • Leads analysis and designs tasks with the Agile team using software development lifecycle concepts
  • Works within a collaborative environment and contributes to team goals by offering open and honest communication and helping to meet deadlines
  • Acts as a technical consultant to the team's management by leveraging technical and domain knowledge to answer questions
  • Provides technical leadership to the team and others through coaching and mentorship
  • Overseeing and coordinate the construction and maintenance of the company's computer systems related to the Business Continuity initiative and plan scalability.
  • Communicate feasibility and the risk analysis results of the various tracks for implementation once computer systems have been evaluated.
  • Performing the appropriate analysis of cost benefit and feasibility for easy implementation of systems and solutions at the company premises with engineering & technology as well as the coordination with the business for easy integration when a Business Continuity Plan needs to be executed.  
  • Assist in pretest, testing and post-testing meetings with the Business and Engineering & Technology teams.
  • Document results of live events, exercises, tests and drills/develop After Action Reports and Lessons Learned
  • Excellent communicator able to translate complex requirements into functional architecture. Experience on software development and be able to manage complex programs. Integration of Business Continuity Plans from various business units will be one of the main responsibilities.
  • Producing progress reports on process, methodologies and plans for executing the business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Responsible for assisting in the management of software and data engineering tools that help in establishing and maintaining the Business Continuity plans at the company.
  • Assist in implementing system architecture and tactical solutions for product development that supports the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery initiatives.
  • Drive the execution of multiple small to medium sized Business Continuity plans and ensure business needs are being met and aligned with the plans established to provide business resilience during unplanned outage scenarios.
  • Assisting and participating in the testing of a functional domain of the technology platform and building solutions with team mates and technical experts to align with business strategies related to the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery scenarios.
  • Facilitate the completion of Business Units BIAs, (Business Impact Analysis) verifying data and validating information

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or suitable combination of education, experience, and training; plus 8 years of experience in software development, engineering, or related field

  • Preferred experience with the latest version of Java (J2EE). Preferred experience with the latest version of Angular.
  • Experience with object-oriented languages (such as Java, C#, or Python). Experience with modern front-end web frameworks (such as HTML and Java Script)
  • Experience with database management systems. Experience with designing mobile applications.
  • Experience: Seven or more years of experience or equivalent experience and/or training.
  • 2+ years of full time business continuity planning/testing/analysis experience required
April A. Estes
Senior Recruiter
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