Restaurant General Manager

Location: Dallas, TX, United States
Your Role
You are responsible for creating and sustaining a culture in the restaurant reflective of the five pillars: Reception, Service, Culinary, Operations, and Beverage. You are ultimately responsible for holding your managers accountable while constantly pushing them to learn and grow.  Direct supervisor is the Director of Operations.
Areas of Responsibility
  • Utilize reception manager and monitor compliance of reception manager job description. 
  • Ensure Front of House staffing is budgeted and executed in a way that provides a connection for our guest while meeting budgeted requirements agreed upon with the director of finance
  • Provide an atmosphere for our guest that is inviting, and compliments the complete experience at the table top
  • Execution of systems in place that enhance guest connection including but not limited to: open table, guest chit information gathering from open table, large party reservation program, phone etiquette, and food delivery programs
  • Challenge, develop and prepare reception manager for career path progression to the next level
  • Utilize Service Manager and monitor compliance of Service Manager job description
  • Training team development with the service manager.  Training team should understand and mirror desired culture
  • Educate and direct service manager in challenging and educating service staff to meet show continued improvement in table top execution
  • Hold service manager accountable for schedules that meet needs to deliver a table top experience that is constantly improving and industry leading in connection while meeting the budget agreed upon with director of finance
  • Ensure complete understanding of atmospherics and execution of the expectation
  • Utilize Chef de Cuisine and monitor compliance of HG Supply Chef de Cuisine job description
  • Knowledge of food quality and ability to work with chef to ensure execution of recipes provided by executive chef
  • Master knowledge of Cost of Sales program.  Assist chef in ordering and inventory systems that assist with compliance with food cost budget agreed upon with director of finance
  • Assist chef de cuisine in hiring, scheduling and training a staff that can produce food that mirrors the recipes provided by the executive chef
  • Hold chef accountable for cleanliness and sanitary standards that both comply with company and municipality requirements
  • Utilize operations manager and monitor compliance of HG operations manager job description
  • Master of financial reporting program.  Assist the operations manager in ordering, invoicing, inventory and final reports of financial program in compliance with inventory program developed by Director of Finance
  • Monitor repair and maintenance noting that we practice no deferred maintenance.  Any repairs that are more than 500 dollars need director of operations approval.  No physical plant changes are allowed without approval from Director of Operations
  • Utilize bar manager and monitor compliance of hg supply bar manager job description
  • Knowledge of bar drink recipes and expected quality
  • Master knowledge of bar costing program and ability to train and develop bar manager to adhere to the company goals of costing and perfect drink recipe execution
  • Assist bar manager in hiring, training and retain staff that understands drink quality expectations and timely, intriguing guest interactions.
  • Make bar fun, exciting, entertaining, predictable and focused on quality and connections
Minimum Qualifications
Two years FOH manager experience or one year General Manager experience. Proficient at Microsoft Excel and Word. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Extremely organized with the ability to monitor multiple people and projects simultaneously. Experience in managing labor projections, budgets and cost of sales.
Preferred Qualifications
Three years General Manager experience in a high volume establishment.

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